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The scientific burden of proof was overwhelming

That is why Prof. Antony Flew changed his mind

It goes without saying that Prof. Antony Flew was a bright mind.  The English scholar taught at the universities of Oxford, Aberdeen, Keele, Reading and Toronto.  In the past century his scientific treatise “Theology and Falsification” (1950) was reprinted more than any other.  It goes without saying that the new atheists – first and foremost Richard Dawkins – always referred back to him.  Antony Flew was a crystal clear atheist with a pointed pen and a sharp tongue.

But then in 2004 the Brit found faith in the God of the Bible.  Scientific knowledge, not any religious experience, brought Flew’s worldview crashing down.  He often repeated: “I only followed the scientific burden of proof!”

Especially the complexity of the genetic code gave Prof. Flew no alternative.  His resumé: “One cannot explain the world without God!”

The complete cover.

In his book “There is a God – how the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind” he describes his own philosophical development.  He gave the Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright control over the book’s last chapter.  The theologian compiled many proofs that speak for Christ’s real resurrection.  The uproar in the atheist world could be compared to a modern witch-hunt.

Prof. Ian Hutchinson (Nuclear science, MIT, Boston) succinctly stated: “Flew’s book will massively annoy the atheists, namely those who want to prove through science that God does not exist…  Flew’s philosophical journey shows how dangerous it is for atheists to ponder their religious position – their foundations may be truly shaken!”