From the pen of Carolina Jochum – Sung by Damaris Huahuachampi

The Peruvian Carolina Jochum composed the hymn of Diospi Suyana in 2006 for the inauguration of the hospital on August 31, 2007.  She sang the song accompanied by her sister-in-law and Bettina Baumgarten in front of 4,500 guests at the amphitheatre next to the hospital.  Then a few years passed and the hymn was almost forgotten.

Drei Saengerinnen red
Carolina Jochum, her sister-in-law (center), and Bettina Baumgarten (left to right)

We thank Dominik Hüttner for the excellent recording.  Damaris Huahuahchampi from Cusco sings the verses with a lot of emotion.  John Lentink accompanied on the piano and Lev Zhurbin added the musical delights of the violin. The final mixing we owe to Patrick Schönbach in Germany.

To make this work properly, Wilmer Martin Asto also successfully created a video about the song.


Gruppenbild Hymne
Dominik Hütter, John Lentink, Damaris Huahuachampi and Wilmer Martín Asto

Hymn of Diospi Suyana

   This world is reaping the fruits of its labor,
the exaltation of man without God.
Today they stray away from the path
and dig a hole for their calamity.

 On their hands was stained innocent blood
of children that no one has protected.
Their screams penetrate my ears.
My justice will soon come… Oh, Oh, Oh,


           Diospi Suyana, trust in God
and commit your life in his hands
Diospi Suyana, I am looking for mercy.
Diospi Suyana, open your heart to Him today.

    Many mothers saw the birth of the children,
only to have to let them go.
It was disease or hunger
you stayed to see with resignation their children die.

    The resignation is the owner of their lives.
Why should one go on, without any hope?
With glass in hand
you are looking for a way to forget.


    I am a God who loves the poor and lowly people.
I give the orphans and widows my consolation.
My mercy is great, my justice is perfect.
I am holy.

    I gave you your life, you are my creation.
I gave my life for you out of love.
See the world through my eyes
and begin to love your neighbor, just as I love you. Oh, Oh, Oh,


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