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Current News

Current News

The experience of a lifetime

Ein "Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr" ist eine einmalige Lebenserfahrung

Completely healed from cancer

A patient living in the rainforest thanks God and Dr Jens Haßfeld

Why does Karin Straßheim post so many parcels?

Diospi Suyana’s Calendar 2021 needs to be distributed

How did you do that?

Initiators of three social projects talk with Diospi Suyana

Never underestimate a woman’s willpower

Recommendation: Always have sufficient “xx” available

Breaking news: the 400,000th patient is treated at Diospi Suyana

Sra. Yolanda Roman Cruz has never received such a big hamper

Good progress is being made at the aerial tower site in Sicuani

What we are aiming for: 122,000 potential listeners in the surrounding valleys

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