Financing and general data

An astonishing 150,000 private individuals and some 230 companies have given a total of $ 36.5 million. The money was used to build the Diospi Suyana Hospital, a dental and eye-clinic, a building for our kids clubs, a school, and a media center. In 2015 Diospi Suyana bought a guest house in Lima which serves as a base for our mission. In 2017 the hospital was upgraded to a 100-bed-institution. In addition we opened a orthopedic work-shop.

Up to July of 2021 we have treated over 425,000 patients, most of them indigenous peasants. The patients contribute approximately 30 % to the entire budget.

Our mission gives jobs to 200 Peruvians and is one of the biggest employers in the state of Apurimac. As a non-profit-organisation we rely on incoming donations. Some 1004 individuals support Diospi Suyana on a regular basis. An important role play our missionaries who receive funding from friends and churches. So far 200 long term missionaries from 13 different countries have made significant contributions. The normal length of stay for missionaries is a period of three years. Another source of income is generated through the Diospi Suyana Trustfund that was establised in Germany in March of 2004. The Peruvian State is helping through tax returns and a discount on the electricity bill.

Diospi Suyana is fully recognized as a charity organisation in Germany, Peru and in the United States of America. The expenses for administration purposes remain persistently below 10 %.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter John and his wife Dr. Martina John have given over 2,800 presentation in 24 countries around the world. Some 550 media reports have been published by TV-channels, radio stations and the press. The book “I have seen God” has reached its 11th edition. It is available in German, English, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian and Polish.  The second book “God has seen us” has been printed five times. It has been translated into English, Spanish and Dutch. So far over 100,000 copies have been printed about Diospi Suyana by different publishers. (July 2021)

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