Our Objectives

Improved medical care for Indians and poor agricultural labourers (campesinos) via

  • in- and outpatient care
  • training of indigenous nurses
  • medical trips to outlying villages
  • disease prevention and treatment information for patients
  • subsidization of treatment financed by donations


Educational support of children in Curahuasi district via

  • construction and long-term maintenance of a Christian international school
  • teaching of Christian values based on the Bible
  • appropriate training to facilitate future professional and social advancement
  • grants for poor children through sponsorship
  • equal treatment of children regardless of race or social status


Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in cooperation with local churches via

  • mission hospital counselors
  • Christian literature and films
  • lifestyle (testimony) of missionaries
  • social work
  • ministry of missionaries in local churches


Appreciation of the Indian Culture via

  • Quechua name of hospital and school
  • courses in Quechua at the Diospi Suyana School
  • respectful treatment of patients and students by staff
  • training of indigenous staff


Cooperative partnership with Christians and churches in Europe and throughout the world and sensitization of First World countries towards concerns of South American Indians via

  • regular information (newspaper, letters, films) about the hospital and school in churches, etc.
  • visitor groups who serve on a temporary basis at the hospital or school for special projects and attend information events


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