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We extend our thanks for generous donations of equipment to…

… the WPO company for furniture and equipment for the handicrafts room of our school worth USD 20,000.



… the Ivoclar vivadent company for materials for our dental lab worth USD 13,000.

Ivoclar gross


… the Max Frank company for construction material for the Diospi Suyana School worth USD 5,000.



… the nora systems company for the floor coverings of our school worth USD 80,000.


… the pharmaceutical company Deutsche Pharma for medicine worth USD 60,000.


the foundation BILD hilft e. V. –  “Ein Herz für Kinder” for financial support for the Diospi Suyana School worth € 240,000.


  the DT & Shop company for materials used in our dental laboratory worth USD 117,000. 


… the Peri company for framework material worth USD 100.000.


the law firm Estudio Olaechea for free legal assistance over the past five years.

…  the Haag-Streit International company for a split lamp and an octopus perimetry machine worth € 80.000.


the Ernst Irmer company and especially the owner Tobias Löscher for organizing several solar energy plants for Diospi Suyana. He has come twice to Peru to install the equipment on site.


the Avira company from Tettnang, which supported us with licences for 90 computers free of charge.


the Peruvian group ADIFAN for medicine and IV-bags worth USD 50,000.


… the GARREIS WARENPRÄSENTATION company for a complete exhibition stand worth € 3,000.


… the KaVo company for dental furniture worth USD 120,000.


the Celima company for tiles worth USD 35,000.


… the Henry Schein company for materials and equipment for our dental clinic worth USD 200,000.


… the Dürr Dental company for a compressor and a suction system for our dental clinic worth USD 9,000.


the Höchsmann company for  a saw (Oehler) worth Euro 1,000.


the benefind internet search for the financial support based on the number of users.


… the On Site company for two oxygen generators worth USD 30,000 .


… the Peruvian Insurance company Pacífico for free car insurance for our ambulance worth USD 2,500.


… the Sirona company for digital x-ray machine, five new dental chairs and equipment for our dental laboratory worth USD 200,000.


… the  Radiometer Medical ApS company from Kopenhagen for two blood gas analysers and accesories worth USD 31,000.


the Solvis GmbH & Co KG company for solar energy pannels worth USD 20,000.


… the Aceros Arequipa company for 4.2 tons of steel worth USD 5,000.


the juwi company for a photovoltaic plant worth USD 80,000.


… the KCI company for a VAC-wounds ystem plus accessories worth USD 50,000.


the Battery-direct company for USVs worth € 15,000.


the Cementos Lima company for 2,800 bags of cement worth USD 16,000. This donaction was given to us through the foundation “Asociación Atocongo”.


… the Abbott company for the transfer of USD 5,000 allocated to the purchase of the anesthetic gas sevorane.


… the uroVision company for cathers and urological accesories worth USD 10,000.


… the Ethicon company for suture materials and mesh grafts worth € 2,000.


… the Kärcher company for a high pressure cleaning machine worth USD 4,000.



… the Peruvian company Medifarma for medicine worth USD 50,000.


 the Sanitär-Heinze company of Dresden for 4 tanks for our heating system worth € 4,000.


… the Christian Blind Mission “CBM” for equipment worth USD 70,000.


… the Katadyn company (Germany) for 15 waterfilters worth € 4,000.


 the Andromeda medical company for  a uroflow-systemworth USD 5,000.


 the Schülke & Mayr company for desinfectans worth USD 20,000.


… the furniture store Orth of Butzbach for beds, tables and chairs worth USD 10,000.


… the hawo company for a workstation used to seal surgical instruments worth USD 12,000.


… the Peruvian company Detroit Diesel MTU for an emergency generator worth USD 60,000.

 the Peruvian company Divemotor for a new ambulance worth USD 40,000.


 the Peruvian company TecnoMedis for the furniture in our ambulance worth USD 10,000.



… the Covidien company for ten pulsoximeters worth USD 15,000.


 the Agfa company for a digitalization unit, a workstation and a PACs-system for our x-ray department worth USD 65,000.


 the Wilhelm Altendorf company for a circular saw worth USD 7,500.


… the Peruvian company JHS for a gynecology chair worth USD 1,500.

 the Rudolf Riester company for laryngoscopes and accessories worth USD 13,000.


 the Richard Wolf company for endoscopic medical equipment worth USD 20,000.


 the Hagsfelder Werkstätten und Wohngemeinschaften Karlsruhe company for two physiotherapy stretchers worth USD 4,000.


… the Kreussler Pharma company for antibiotics and cleaning agents worth € 20,000.


… the  ulrich GmbH company for an infusion pump to administer contrast medium worth USD 1,500.


… the pharmaceutical company Sandoz for sponsoring our intensive care unit with USD 50,000 and donating medicine worth USD 20,000.


… the Fresenius company for financial support of € 50,000.


… the Lautenschläger company of Köln for three sterilizers worth USD 25,000.


 the Helmut Hund company for a microscope worth USD 3,500.


… the Kodra company for four machines to clean bed pans worth USD 5,000.


… the Pentax company for five endoscopies and operating accessories worth USD 80,000.


… the Indeco company for cables worth USD 4,000.


… the Accuaproduct company for an ultraviolet water purification machine worth USD 1,000.


… the Cordilleras de las Minas company for financial support worth USD 9,000 for the purchase of false ceilings.

… the Peruvian company Josfel for approximately 1,400 lamps worth USD 75,000.

… the Roche company for laboratory equipment and free agents worth USD 200,000.


… the Nefusac company for accessories for the laying of tiles worth USD 5,000.


 the Firma Jansen & Buscher company for the lead for our church windows worth € 1,200.


 the Sulo company for 190 new trash cans worth € 2,000.


 the Heine company for otoscopes, stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs worth € 1,500.


 the Ascobloc company of Dresden for 8 units of kitchen furniture. We thank especially the owner Johannes Wilhelm for his generous support worth € 50,000.


 the Mexican company Helvex for accessories for our bathrooms worth USD 15,000.


… the Siemens company for the donation and free transport of a CT-scanner as well as laboratory equipment worth USD 130,000.


 the KLS Martin Group for lamps for one of our operating rooms and an electrocautery unit worth € 20,000.


… the Binder company for a special heated cabinet for our laboratory worth € 2,000.


… the  Mainmetall company for materials for our solar energy plants worth USD 2,000.


 the DHL company (DFG) for the free transport of nine containers worth € 7,000.


… the Melag company for two sterilizers worth € 6,000.


… the  Bauscher company for five professional vacuum cleaners worth € 2,000.


 the Relius company for paint for the inside and outside walls of the hospital and school worth € 20,000.


 the Philips company for a new ultrasound machine with two probes as well as three CTG-units for our obstetric department. The total value of this support exceeds € 100,000.


 … the Wissner-Bosserhoff company for 55 new mattresses worth € 10,000.


… the Viessmann company for a solar energy plant worth € 20,000. 


… the Peruvian company Southern Peru for the roof material of the hospital and the purchase of cables. The total donation reached USD 60,000.


… the Cedec Alto Andino company for supplying us with the steel for the hospital roof. Furthermore the owner of the company Ing. Guido del Castillo donated cement and false ceilings. Last but not least do payed for the well on our property. The total of his support exceeds USD 150,000.


 the Oxitec company for organizing a oxygen generator for our hospital.


 the Lohse und Schilling company for helping setting up our computer network.  


 the Schölly company of Denzlingen for a whole set of laparoscopic surgery worth USD 50,000.


 the Miele company for a washing machine and a dryer for the hospital laundry as well as a washing machine for surgical instruments worth € 30,000.


 the Karl Storz company for a complete set of laparoscopic surgery. Furthermore they donated a gastroscope, colonoscope and a broncoscope as well as free repairs. The total value of the equipment exceeds € 100,000.


 the Hamburg Süd company for free transport of 15 containers from Germany to Peru worth over € 40,000.


… the Deister electronic company for the security system of the hospital, including electronic door openers, video cameras and a sophisticated key system. Furthermore Deister payed for 22 kilometers of CAT-7 cable. The total value of the equipment is in the region of USD 110,000.


… the Schmitz u. Söhne company for four operating tables, several hospital furniture and trolleys. The total of their contribution exceeded € 150,000.


… the Neptunia company for the free transport of at least 40 shipments from Lima to Curahuasi. Neptunia paid also for storage space in the harbour of Callao. In 2008 the company donated 3,000 copies of books on the history of Diospi Suyana. The whole contribution exceeded USD 200,000.


 the Baxter company for financial support worth € 2,000.



 the Association “Freunde der Indios von Peru e.V.” for two 4 x 4 trucks and furniture worth USD 60,000.

Freunde der Indios von Peru e. V.


… the Streck company for the free transport of our first container to Peru.

STRECK TRANSPORT - Unsere Welt kennt keine Grenzen


 the Maquet company for a patient stretcher worth € 6,300.



 the telecommunication networt Level 3 (IMPSAT) for sponsoring a satellite dish and the use of the equipment. The donation since 2006 amounts to USD 300,000.

See full size image


… the Eudim association for financial support worth € 15,000. The money was used to purchase build the cistern of the hospital and to complete our oxygen system.



… the Kaltenbach company of Lörrach for financial support and free equipment for the hospital maintenance shop worth USD 50,000.



… the Stoss Medica company for medical equipment and the free use of their ware house. The ongoing support has exceeded € 130,000.

Stoss Medica


… the Dorst company of Ratingen for the free transport of hospital beds.

Dorst Spedition


… the Hermann Flörke company for generous financial support and thousands of articles used for our public relation campaign worth € 20,000.

Hermann Flörke GmbH


… the B.Braun company of Melsungen for surgical instruments through their subsidiary company Aesculap and ongoing medical supples through Braun-Peru. The contribution by Braun amounts to more than € 200,000 . On August 26, 2006 Aesculap organized a Benefiz Gulf tornament in favor of Diospi Suyana donating additional € 10,000.



 the Inka company for financial support as a percentage of sold alloys.


… the Schenck Technologie- und Industriepark company of Darmstadt for free storage space in their ware houses and preparing the transport of at least ten containers. The total of this contribution amounts to € 100,000.



… the Erbe company for two electrocautery units as well a s a ultrasound machine for our physiotherapy department worth USD 35,000.   


… the Dräger company for four anaesthesia machines, two incubators for the newborns and a resuscitacion unit. The total of equipent, free service and financial support amounts to USD 300,000.


 the printing company Klaus Koch for the free print of our newsletters and other publications worth € 20,000.


 the Wilde-Medizin-Technik company for two sets of lights for our operating rooms.

Wilde Medizintechnik

 the Leica company for a high quality microscope.



 the Fisher & Paykel company (Health Care) for accessories for our intensive care unit worth € 30,000.

Fisher & Paykel


 the Boehringer Ingelheim company for financial support.

Boehringer Ingelheim

… Bernd Schermuly and his company “sensum Graphikbüro” for designing this website free of charge and helping us prepare flyers and booklets. The value of this contribution exceeds € 10,000.


 the company “Webimpress” for designing our first website.



… the  organisation “help direct” for publishing our data on its website.

help direct

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