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Today boxes containing the 9th edition of the book “I have seen God” fill a large storage building.  To date the book has been printed in five languages and 60,000 copies have been sold.

The third edition of second volume “God has seen us”, published first in 2015 by the Brunnen Verlag, hit the markets last Wednesday.  Irrespective of the readers’ world outlook the books receive positive reviews:

  • I read the book “I have seen God” and wanted to say thank you.  The experiences with God touched me deeply; I myself am currently going through a time of doubt. M.A. – German
  • I am so inspired by your story that I want to build a hospital in Albania for people in need in the near future. A. J. – Albanian
  • I read the books with enthusiasm and am deeply moved and thankful that we have such a great God. A. G. –Swiss
  • A couple of months ago I heard about your hospital through a magazine:  your story impresses me no end.  Having spoken to friends of mine (a Protestant pastor and his wife), they gave me the book “God has seen us”.  I could not put it down until I had finished reading it… it has left its mark in my life. R. D. – Italian
  • I devoured your two books about the missionary hospital with amazement last week! D. N – German living in Peru
  • To be honest I cannot believe in a personal God, who influences history or who supports specific projects.  I am very impressed what can be achieved if a comparatively small group of people embark on a project bound together by an unshakeable belief in God, who are prepared to get their hands dirty and who continue pursuing their vision irrespective of what problems they come across … …The book is very well written, is entertaining and exciting. T. M – German
  • The book came with me on my holiday to France: I loved reading it.  It has inspired me no end.  Thank you. Lesley – British
  • My name is Lidia C. and I would like to share with you what a massive impact your book about the story of Diospi Suyana had on my life.  Before I read your book, I thought that it is near impossible for me to realise my dreams.  My financé then gave me your book: it is a real treasure. L.C. – Honduras
  • Four years ago my best friend and I started reading your first book about Diospi Suyana and we could not put it down. Tears welled up in our eyes as we read so many paragraphs: it is absolutely brilliant what God has done.  THANK YOU that you have written everything down in such detail!  We could not wait to get our hands on and read the second volume.  It is simply fantastic to see how God uses people and words to do new things. E.M. – German
  • A friend of mine, who visited the hospital, gave me a copy of your book.  Having read the book cover to cover I could not stop thanking God for this unbelievable work. F. G. – Peruvian
  • The author’s profits are given to charitable projects in South America, Africa and Israel.
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