How to turn a business partner into a friend

Abel Bedoya zu Besuch Plan Radio

Spending a day together at Diospi Suyana

When it comes to business, a friendship is of no value:  prices are compared and “are way too expensive.”  We have bought a lot from “Company I”: antennae, transmitters, up- and down-links and all sorts of other materials.  The bill was bearable, since we had bargained hard with three companies for several weeks.

“You must come and visit us in Curahuasi so that you can see Diospi Suyana for yourself,” was my advice to the company’s boss four weeks ago.  Sr. A.B. arrived Sunday evening and spent the whole of Monday getting to know our hospital, school and media centre.

He sat on the balcony watching how both the sanctuary and the waiting room filled with people up to bursting point.

We interviewed several patients on our visit to the hospital.  In one sick room we came across some women who had come from Puno State: a journey of 12-20 hours.  Our visitor experienced stark contrasts firsthand: modern technology for very poor patients (who could never pay the real price for their treatment), warm-heartedness combined with professionalism and a genuine compassion which has no hidden (financial) agenda.

Our tour continued through the Colegio with head of school Christian Bigalke.  Its infrastructure improves yearly: next month the children will be able to have warm lunches in the school canteen and in the chemistry lab the children can soon actually do the experiments rather than just learn them theoretically.  It is a school that one normally finds in Lima for the upper class – its location: Curahuasi.

That afternoon Jesus Hurtado explained our weekly radio programme to our visitor.  7 hours of our daily programme are broadcast in the Quechua language.  At the end of the day we had tea in the media centre’s kitchen and started talking about how everything has come about in this way in Curahuasi.  We spoke about the power of faith, because we believe in Him who is Almighty God.

“I wish you a safe journey back to the capital.  We will meet again in Lima,” I say in parting.  Have we turned a business partner into a friend? We hope and pray that we have. /KDJ

Schulkueche fertig Oebele
Oebele de Haan connects the appliances in the kitchen. Soon meals can be prepared here.
Abel Bedoya bei mir im Buero
Our visitor A.B. from Lima (second from the right).
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