Wow! What just happened? 400 pupils are gripped…


…as is a hotel owner

Devenish College has 400 pupils and they are sitting on the floor of their assembly hall.  A man with a distinct German accent sends 120 pictures over the projector screen in 15 minutes.  It is like watching MTV.  He claims that God manifested himself in a story that is happening in Peru and elsewhere.  The silence in the hall is deafening; the young adults are bewildered: “What just happened?”  Then the deputy director of the college goes to the lectern and says slowly: “That was inspiring!”

Diospi Suyana, a message of love and reconciliation, for an audience in Northern Ireland.  A couple of years ago bombs exploded here.  Everywhere people are looking for orientation; also in Enniskillen.  The missionary doctor speaks about God as though it is the most natural thing in the world to do.  And how else should one explain Diospi Suyana with all the coincidences and miracles, if one does not attribute it to God’s blessing!

Catherine Corrigan makes a personal decision.

Catherine Corrigan has been running “Corrigans Shore Guest House” for a number of years.  The house is located at the end of the world in an area full of rivers and lakes.  The accommodation and catering are exquisite.  A Peruvian doctor arrived on Friday and left yesterday.  When he was about to pay Catherine refused him: “I have read your flyer,” she mumbles, “and I know exactly what you are doing in Peru.  You do not owe me anything!”

View from Corrigans Shore Guest House. The end of the road is the beginning of the boat ride.
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