A member of the audience ventures on stage


Christian van Rensen

Countless people watch Diospi Suyana from the tribunes of life.  They occasionally click onto our website and are very willing to come to one of our talks.  Christian can Rensen is an example of how over the years a member of the audience is “radicalised” from a sympathiser to an actor.

25th January 2013: Diospi Suyana hat difficulties getting container number 32 into Peru.  The public authorities want to sort out brand new materials, valued at USD40,000.  Through our website we ask for support from our worldwide network of friends.  Among the thousands of emails there is also one from Christian.  He sent an indignant email to Peru’s Health Ministry.  A couple of days later the customs frees the container.

12th May 2013: Christian signs up on the website to become a sponsor of Diospi Suyana.  It is one thing to write an email, it is another to contribute financially.  It is a well-known fact that students are cash-strapped!  Nevertheless Christian transfers a generous amount.

5th August 2015: an IT Student from Karlruhe asks whether IT specialists are still needed at the hospital.  His name: Christian van Rensen.  He is toying with the idea to “risk a social year abroad.”

The student’s official application reaches us in October 2015.  “A social year” abroad has turned into a 30-month commitment

10th May 2016: Christian organises a talk for Dr. John at Karlsruhe University, which 60 people attend; Christian had hoped for a better attendance. He could not know that a couple who attended the evening donated one of the highest single-amounts ever given to Diospi Suyana.  It was a six-figure sum.

On 2nd October Christian, now in Lima, wrote the following email, exactly documenting the flying times from Frankfurt via San Juan and Panama to Lima. “… it was an incredible feeling when José Rojas welcomed me to the guest house at 03:40 a.m. It was a 28 hour door-to-door journey.  All these time exact time specifics are actually not that important as long as the over time plan works and this was the case: 11 days before departure I handed in my bachelor work and spent the remaining time moving flats and packing my belongings.

He took this picture of raindrops lining the aircraft window on his travels.  Does he sense that life in Curahuasi could get difficult? That is neither here nor there, Christian is on stage.  He is ready to take the risk and does not shy away from the financial sacrifice.  It seems that the man needed only three years to be “radicalized.”

Jesus Christ was also a radical.  He loved his enemies unconditionally.  He healed the sick and comforted those who were sad.  He did not consider it beneath him to spend time with prostitutes and tramps.  He died on the cross because he loved each one of us.  Our world needs more of these “Christ-followers”, who follow where Christ leads regardless.  Christian can Rensen is one of them.

Departing for South America. Raindrops. A queasy feeling.  How difficult will the journey be?
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