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Dr Angelika E. reviews our yearly calendar

A good description of our areas of activity

Years ago the retired doctor was given the book “I have seen God” as a present.  Having read it cover to cover she decided to support Diospi Suyana, which she has done faithfully over the past years.  Recently she ordered two of our 2020 calendars.  She was so touched by the design that she bought two more copies.

It is the first time that our yearly calendar is trilingual.  The two text pages at the back explain the calendar’s pictures.  All the motifs come from the world of Diospi Suyana and its surroundings.

The price of €8.90 has not changed since last year and if you buy 10 copies you do not have to pay postage and packaging.  To order your own copy of our 2020 calendar please email Karin Straßheim in our office: karin.strassheim@diospi-suyana.org

The calendar makes a wonderful Christmas present.

The hand-written letter.
The cover of our 2020 calendar.