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“Kleinen Stern ganz groß” (‘Small star, o how big’)

Elisabeth Vollmer realises her dream

In the summer of 2004 whilst browsing through a family magazine Elisabeth Vollmer read about the missionary doctors John and their idea to found an ultra-modern hospital in the South-Peruvian Andes.  “I would love to help them,” thought the young mother.  But having only one earner in the family was a snag.

But then her hour as a book-author struck.  Her first book “Kleinen Stern ganz groß” (‘Small star, o how big’) sold like hot cakes and currently the eighth edition stands on the bookshelves.  This modern Christmas story written for children goes straight to the heart which explains why it is sells so well.  Elisabeth decided to donate her personal royalties to Diospi Suyana.

Colourful and upbeat with a fantastic story, published by the SCM-Publishing House.
Through her donations (a four-figure sum) she fulfils her dream from back then.  End of 2017 – while her daughter was spending her voluntary year abroad at the missionary hospital – she and her husband Jürgen visited Diospi Suyana in Peru.  Thus two generations have become part of the fascinating saga of our work.

A “dankeschön” to the Vollmers in Europa and a book recommendation for “Kleinen Stern ganz groß” (‘Small star, o how big’).

Picture above: Family Vollmer on Curahuasi’s local mountain in December 2017.