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Radio Diospi Suyana

Since 2005 Udo Klemenz has been writing his building reports for Diospi Suyana

Of the roughly 500 he has written you are currently reading his penultimate

Dear Readers of the building report, slowly but surely the building site is nearing its completion.  On the building’s western side we have separated off three parts of the existing lattice fence so that we can plaster the toilet’s anteroom from the outside.  The ramp’s walls and the steps of the access stairwell have also been completely plastered.  The plastering of the balcony’s edges will continue into next week.

The vinyl floor has been laid in all of the three group rooms on the ground floor and the noticed imperfections have been corrected.  The subcontractor has started erecting the partition walls in the children’s toilets.

Moving upstairs: the tiles in the tea kitchen have been laid and the festival hall’s floor has been grouted.  The lights are also in place.  As regards the painting works, we are way behind schedule – this is due to the fact that the painter had to take his remaining yearly leave for company-internal reasons and is only allowed to start work again next week.

It was hard, minute work concreting the 4th section of the Eye Clinic’s elevator shaft and stripping it of the formwork.  Currently the irons are being laid and the formwork is being erected for the 5th section.

Sending you cordial greetings from a Curahuasi that is experiencing very warm temperatures at the moment and wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo.

The external wall is ready to be plastered.
The stairs of the access stairwell have been cleanly plastered.
Plastering the edges of the balcony.
Welding the joints in the vinyl floor.
Laying the final tiles in front of the tea kitchen.
Grouting the ceramic tiles in the festival hall.
Concreting the fourth section of the elevator shaft.
Working on the fifth section.