In a restaurant at 4 pm

Elvira und Olga Wieber

Have We Met Before?

Saturday: The lecture in Ahlen is over and I’m on the highway heading towards Bremen.  Around 4 o’clock I am in need of a small snack.  The service area “East Dammer Berge” seems to be a good place, so I take a little break.

The food was tasty.  Now is the perfect time to answer some e-mails.  Suddenly, two young ladies are smiling in front of me.  I carefully look at the two strangers and think, “Have I seen them before?”

“You are Mr. John, correct?” the lady says in black.

“Yes, that is correct.” I answer.  “Do we know each other from somewhere?”

“No, we have never met, but we have read your book!”

It takes less than two minutes and the two are sitting with me at the table.  Mrs. E. and O. Wiebe work as nurses.  They are also committed Christians.  The past few days they have been with some friends at the Baltic Sea. On her way back Elvira has been thinking a lot about doing missionary work.

And a job like this is exactly what I can offer to both of them. Chances are that at least Elvira will unpack her suitcase in Curahuasi next year.

Autobahnraststaette Dammer Berge
A surprise meeting
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