In Honor of Mothers

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Diospi Suyana wishes all mothers a blessed day!

A report from the school director Christian Bigalke: On Friday, Mother’s Day was celebrated at Colegio Diospi Suyana.  The whole school community came together with the mothers of the students for half an hour.  Given the proportion of single mothers, which is even higher than in Europe or the US, this day is even more important.  Each of the eight primary and secondary classes gave a performance in the form of poetry, song, sketches, dances, and instruments.  The enormous artistic potential of the student body was again seen.  One of the highlights was the ballet, which was prepared by our volunteers.  Much laughter and applause was given during the sketch that showed the daily living in South America.  The well known “Doctora Martina” had to intervene to create a healing hand.

The 51 kindergarten children celebrated a “Day of Families” early in the morning in a small family setting.  Many drew the faces of the many missing parents and concluded they want to save their drawings in case they are also alone on Father’s Day.  The young families found out that God wants to bless them as the teachers led the children in writing cards in which they expressed their appreciation.  During the celebration, the 3-5 year old children also prayed for their parents.  God hears the voice of the little ones too!

The school day ended with a snack in the school yard.  Diospi Suyana wishes all the mothers a blessed day!

Doctora Martina helps.
Discussion among the men
Big applause of the mothers
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