Two pictures taken ten years apart – incredible changes have taken place

And that is why we thank God

If those of you who were present at the inauguration of the Hospital on 31st August 2007 came back to Curahuasi now (ten years later), you would hardly recognise the compound.  Compare the pictures above and below.  In the next few days the amphitheatre’s white roof will once again change the Hospital’s outer appearance dramatically.

Back then some critics prophesied that we had only built a white elephant, thereby expressing their worry that the immense costs of a hospital for the poor would make its long-term functioning impossible.  We thank God that these prophecies of doom never became a reality.

Instead, due to the great demand, we need to continually expand the hospital.  Next year we plan to build three further operating theatres and want to create ten further offices in the media centre.  To date we have treated 253,000 patients, who of course were accompanied by friends and family.  That means that over half a million Peruvians have driven or walked up the hospital’s drive!

The pictures show clearly why the big anniversary celebration on the 31st August 2017 will be one thanksgiving service to God’s glory. /KDJ

The red circle marks the Orthopaedic Workshop. The yellow circles highlight the hospital extensions in the second storey. The white circle surrounds the amphitheatre, which will be getting its canopy roof in the next day or two.
What it looked like ten years; perhaps the keen observer can spot a few differences.

At the inauguration of The Hospital Diospi Suyana in 2007 the following stages of construction were missing:

  • Dental- and eye-clinic
  • Helipad
  • Four new treatment rooms
  • Porter’s lodge
  • Carpenter’s workshop
  • A roof over the water cistern
  • Extension of the administrative offices
  • Media centre
  • The Hospital’s second storey
  • Cemented ringroad around the Hospital
  • All solar systems bar one
  • Children’s playground
  • The roof over the electrical yard
  • All the vegetation consisting of 400 trees and bushes
  • Many more details
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