The furniture for the hospital’s extension has arrived

And Udo Klemenz writes an interim report

Dear Friends, we had a very eventful Saturday morning.  Bang on 8 o’clock the container containing the furniture arrived at the Hospital.  We persuaded the driver the drive through the upper entrance gate so we could carry everything directly over the new bridge straight into the Hospital’s new storey and store it temporarily in the future isolation ward.  The unloading went like clockwork and the lorry drove out of the lower gate near the amphitheatre at 10:15 a.m. embarking on its way back to Lima.

Tragically those working on the canopy roof made a fatal mistake.  On Friday they had swapped two pre-assembled canvasses which they then needed to completely take down, swap them over and then hoist them back again.  I seriously hope that they will rectify this error by tonight and that the remaining seven canvasses will arrive soon (either today or tomorrow) in order that the work can continue.

Kind regards, Udo

Many helping hands unload the container in lightening speed.
Chairs and movable cots.
Bedside tables and side tables for the patient rooms.
Beds for the intensive care unit are being stored temporarily in the corridor.
The roof’s status quo on Friday afternoon.
These two roof canvasses were swapped.
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