The building report at midnight

Only a couple of days until the big anniversary celebration

Dear Friends, after several phone-calls, negotiations and quarrels the first chunk of material for the amphitheatre’s canopy roof arrived Wednesday evening.  Eight people started work Thursday morning, even though the several heavy downpours did not facilitate work for the first few hours.  I seriously hope that during the course of the day the remaining material will arrive and that, having had a learning phase, the construction will proceed smoothly and that as much of the work as possible will be completed on schedule.  The canvasses have been pre-assembled and each will be hoisted up by hand in one piece between two secondary supports right up to the rear supports before they are then stretched out.  Not an easy task!

The floor layers are now working in the hospital extension and we expect them to have finished laying the high-quality caoutchouc floor by Saturday evening.  The laying of the floor in the five treatment rooms of the Dental Clinic and the four operating theatres went well and the doctors could use all the rooms first thing on Monday morning.  We are thankful that after all the initial stress we have been able to bring this project to a successful close.

Most of the door locks and the skirting boards are in place and our cleaners have started the initial cleaning in the first stage of construction.

Wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo

Dark clouds above the amphitheatre.
Heavy rainfall hinders progress on the canopy roof.
The first roof sheet has been stretched out.
The caoutchouc floor has been cut into shape and lies in the intensive care unit before it gets stuck down.
The floor layers take a break.
Initial cleaning in the first stage of construction.
Getting the amphitheatre’s toilets shipshape.
Using a core drill Oebele de Haan drills pipe penetrations in the house’s connection room for the solar system.
Repairing tiles in a cleaner’s room.
The TV-Studio is also preparing itself for the big celebration.
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