1.5 mio Peruvians on Diospi Suyana’s websites on social media

And further interesting figures

An hour ago 1,501,519 Peruvians had visited the missionary doctors’ John declaration from the 29th May 2020 on social media.  This equates to roughly 5 % of the Peruvian population.

244,388 Peruvians have officially been tested positive on the Coronavirus.  If the estimated number of unreported cases is ten-times that, then 7.4 % of the people living in Peru have been infected.  On the Johns Hopkins world-overview-map Peru – which has a total population of only 33 mio. – currently ranks 7th of the world’s worst infected countries.

47 people have registered their attendance of the information event for potential new staff that is taking place coming Saturday at 2 p.m.  If you are considering joining our team in Peru for a minimum of three years, please contact Karin Straßheim in our home office: karin.strassheim@diospi-suyana.org.

Everyone attending the conference must wear a mouth and nose protection.

At least 1.5 metres safety distance has to be maintained between visitors of the information event.

0 antibodies and 0 viruses were found in the John’s current test.

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