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Radio Diospi Suyana

An adventurous journey undertaken by a hopeful family

Four extremely determined people

Because the mother desperately needed an operation and because currently no buses are running, a Peruvian family found an unconventional solution.  Four people drove 7 hours through the mountains in two mototaxis.  The mother has been operated on now.  Because the travellers cannot afford a hotel room, they sleep in their small mobile homes, two in each vehicle.  They have one cooking pot with them to make meals and wash their clothes in one of Curahuasi’s rivulets.

The determination of these Campesinos to help their mother demands our full respect and we wish them a safe homeward journey to Andabaylas when they head home in a few days.  We thank Susi Rottler for interviewing the family and providing the photos./KDJ

Means of transport, a place to lay one’s head and a roof over one’s head: this is one of the mototaxis.