Where is container number 51?

Container 51 irgendwo slider

Each shipment writes its own story

For 3 weeks the container NR. 51 has been on the ground in Peru. Unfortunately it is still stuck in a warehouse near the harbor. On Friday a customs officer inspected the complete contents. Sadly we were mistakenly hoping that the container would be given clearance before the weekend. Each import leads to the most interesting episodes. This time supposedly a box with liquid spilled out. For customs this is a reason to declare the contents as dangerous goods.

One shouldn’t get too upset over the fight with the public authorities. This would only cause ones blood pressure to go up and would change nothing about the standoff situation.

On the 30th of March container Nr. 52 will presumably be packed in Switzerland. The end of April container Nr. 53 should be loaded from Wiesbaden. Adversity teaches us to pray. Every container is an occasion to pray.

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