A Media conference with great obstacles

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Plane got of the runway

A driver picked me up at home at 2 am in the morning. I am dead tired , but I am starting a long conversation with the driver next to me. It is possible that he is fighting off sleep as well.  At 4:30 am I am entering the airport in Cusco. Here is a state of emergency, because the runway is closed as I hear. A plane of Peruvian Airlines slipped of the runway the day before. Was it caused by a burst tire or the overheated brakes? Maybe the version of a bird that flew into one of the engines is true. This airline is known for its little mishaps. In the year 2011 one of the engines fell off a parked plane. Of course everyone was happy, that this small missfortune happened on the ground and not in the air. Nonetheless, the airline was still suspended for 90 days. Instead of sitting on the plane at 5:40 am, there was almost a 9 hour delay on the flight to Lima. The stagnant air in the airport was bad. But the waiting was rewarded and finally we were flying north over the clouds. In 5 am traffic I reach the guest house of  Diospi Suyana.

In the evening I listen to the proposals of Doris Manco, who worked for 10 years of her life for a christian radio and TV station. Sitting to the left of me is the engineer Luis Diaz. He knows all of the advantages and disadvantages of the UKW, short and long range radio frequencies. We play the ball back and forth for a long time. Terms like financing, reachability, sustainability and feasibility will have a big impact on the long run of our media centre. How will we aproach this project? When will we start our program? In our imagination we see antennas, transmittors, satellites in space and a lot more. At about 10 pm the first conference in the Diospi Suyana guest house finishes. This gathering could be called a historic moment.

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The waiting rooms at the airport in Cusco full like never before.
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The first conference in the living room of the guest house.
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