A Start under a new leadership


A Berlinerin (woman from Berlin) in Peru

There is a lot going on in the first grade of the Diospi Suyana School. Not just because the 21 students started school with joy and enthusiasm 2 weeks ago, but because the 19 Peruvians and 3 Germans have a German teacher. After teaching for 7 years at the Freien Christlichen Schule Berlin (a Christian school in Berlin) Damaris Brudy, immigrated to Peru in 2014 because she sees it as her calling from God. She also wants to pass on what she has learned and what has made an impression on her in Germany.

When you enter her classroom, it is clear with the first observation that she is working with a concept: group tables, the teacher sits behind the students, room for gathering in a circle, a readers’ corner, class chores and teeth hygiene (rules for brushing your teeth).The outer structure points to a concept of structured school life. When entering a discussion it is obvious that the transformation from classic-Peruvian “Frontal/ Head-on teaching” to an open and interactive student lesson, goes much deeper. What she is dealing with is a huge challenge in many ways. She teaches the children reading and writing with a self-made initial sounds table and with materials that she translated from German into Spanish with the help of a volunteer. Damaris Brody also breaks the 45 minute pattern; the lessons are broken up into shorter periods, practically all subjects each day; and in between there are lots of physical activities. In the past years the Pre-school teachers form Diospi Suyana in the neighboring building laid the foundation for this and other alterations/reforms with autonomous work groups.
At the first parent-teacher conference the fathers and mothers of the students also had a lot to “digest”. But although there were some fears of the unknown, the atmosphere and the necessary faith in the teachers began its course.

Damaris asked for the parents’ patience with the speed of learning and progress of their children. She of course hopes that the students will receive the necessary appraisal from home. One thing is for sure, in Gods eyes we are all valuable.

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Damaris Brudy leading a parent-teacher conference.

When Christian Bigalke sent me a text and 3 pictures from Damaris Brudy, I looked at the photos carefully. It must be difficult to lead a parent-teacher meeting in a foreign language. This thought took hold of me. If she had stayed in Berlin her life would have been a lot easier. 6 months ago I gave a speech at her old school. In conversations with the other teachers, it became evident how appreciated Damaris Brudy was by her colleagues. The Berlinerin had the recognition that every individual desires in their job. What was going on in her head for her to take such a jump into the unknown?a In the evening, I listen with curiosity as Damaris shares what moved her to make this decision.
“Actually, I never could imagine myself working in a third world country, but then the opportunity arose to go to live with missionaries for 10 weeks in Ethiopia to do my internship. In the last years I always prayed: “God please show me when it is time for me to leave Berlin. I am ready to go!”

There are 750,000 educationalist in German schools. Most likely, you can count on one hand the number of teachers who pray such a prayer. In 2013, Damaris received a DVD about Diospi Suyana. It moved her deeply to see how God really works. Spontaneously, she sends an email to our office on the 13th of April, 2013. Her question: ”How could I help at Diospi Suyana!” She had no idea that at this moment in time a school was already under construction. Less than 24 hours later I called Damaris.
“Damaris, do you long to go back to your school in Berlin at times?”, I ask her quite openly. “Sometimes, yes, everything is much more difficult here!” But then she continues: “But I know that God has confirmed (acknowledges) my work here in Curahuasi!”
I want to dig deeper. “You took several months to make your decision. Did you experience Gods leading in a specific way?”
“Something very curious happened to me”, she answered, “Christian Bigalke came to visit me at that time in Berlin. At first I kept my worries and questions to myself. But he addressed all the points, without me expressing any of them openly. That was a powerful experience for me!”

“Damaris, we are really thankful that you involve yourself so greatly in our school. When your time comes to an end here, I would quite like to bind you with a rope to Curahuasi!” As I am saying this, someone is knocking on the house door and our conversation comes to an end. /KDJ

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Order and discipline right from the start
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