We have managed it once and for all


We will never be able to say this sentence

A couple of days ago the Peruvian finance ministry re-registered Diospi Suyana as a charitable organisation.  It will not take long before the nail biting begins afresh: two new registrations need to be renewed.  We have brought 53 containers into the country; three are currently floating our way.  The ongoing struggle continues. Peru’s former president visited our hospital in 2014 and became a friend of Diospi Suyana.  Since July we have a new president and a completely new cabinet.  Definitely a reason and a challenge to restart our networking!

New co-workers arrive and pack their bags again three years down the line.  It is a never-ending search for new volunteers.  We celebrate highlights and have to cope with setbacks.  Looking into the future, we ask ourselves: “where will this way lead us?”

But our main motivation is not measurable success, but the desire to experience God.  The daily examination regarding finances, co-workers, and licenses take it out of us.  But if God is going with us even the steepest climb can be the right way – as long as hold onto God’s hand. /KDJ

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