Dr. Herrmann Achterberg no longer in a life-threatening condition


A week after his heart-attack

The anesthesiologist had definitely expected a different highlight during his fourth stint at the Hospital Diospi Suyana: last Thursday Dr. Achterberg suffered a heart attack out of the blue.  The medical team placed a second stent, this time in the right coronary artery. Together with his wife, Stefanie, the patient will be able to convalesce in the Guest-House of Diospi Suyana.

Might we be able to motivate him to carry out small jobs? As we know “he who rests, rusts!” As soon as he is able to carry his piano by himself to the second floor, we will diagnose him as: “fully fit”.

On the face of things, the man from Rheinland-Palatinate laughs into the camera as we are used to seeing him.  Understandably Stefanie is overjoyed that her husband is still alive

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