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Radio Diospi Suyana

What remains?

How can we conquer the melancholy?

This is probably the last picture taken of them in Peru.  Markus und Susi Rottler have returned to their home in Germany with their sons Anton and Emil.  They boarded the plane with three years of experience and 15 items of luggage.  Since the founding of the hospital roughly 300 long- and short-term missionaries have come and gone.  Those who remain in Peru notice a wistful feeling that can be called melancholy.

Joan Baez sang of her love to Bob Dylan in heart-wrenching minor notes: “We both know what memories bring: they bring diamonds and rust!”

It makes saying farewell even harder when one knows that one will never see each other again, because then a mutual journey has truly become history.

Since the New Testament has been written the lives of Christians here on earth have been called pilgrimages.  We are in transit.  This world is not our home.  We focus our minds on our future with God.  Without sadness or tears, farewells or loneliness.  It is my deepest wish that Diospi Suyana makes one thing clear: faith is no vague feeling, but the actual reality.  It is that what matters in the end.  In God we find everlasting peace, no opium ride for a few hours.  Even more we find that he stills our deepest desires. /KDJ