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Radio Diospi Suyana

Somewhere down there a training session took place

From above one sees either everything or hardly anything

On Monday morning our doctors were shown how to use our three newest respirators.  These high-tech devices were a donation in kind given by the Aumund Foundation.  At the moment we only have three Covid-patients on our inpatient ward.  But it will not be long before the next wave reaches us.  On the Covid-intensive care ward six Löwenstein-devices are in use. (Above picture taken by Dr Benjamin Zeier).

(S)He who flies over Curahuasi at an altitude of 10,000m looks down onto a spectacular countryside, but sees nothing of the many activities taking place in the missionary hospital.

Curahuasi is above right, the Apurímac River meanders in the foreground.  (Picture Susi Rottler).
The red circle on the right marks the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  The black line between the crest of the hill and the below-lying Apurímac River marks 1,000m altitude.

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