The last emergency during the night shift

Gynaecologist Dr Jens Haßfeld helps in great need

From Wednesday evening through to Thursday morning Dr Haßfeld was on duty.  At 6a.m. he examined a 71-year-old Quechua-Indian who had a badly distended belly. The lady and her son had spent the whole night travelling from the Province Chincheros.  A thorough x-ray examination showed a certain suspected diagnosis which meant that the patient was first on the operation-list for that Friday morning.

Dr Haßfeld was assisted by Dra Yiorgina Urrutia from Lima.  The assistant doctor from the Cayetano Heredia University will not forget this intervention.  The two doctors drained 10 litres of fluid from one ovarian cyst that had wound itself several times around itself.  It comes as no surprise that the patient had been suffering from severe pain for weeks.

Today, Sunday, the lady was admitted home.  In the truest sense of the word she was relieved and deeply thankful.  If she now tells her neighbourhood about her experiences in Curahuasi, it will not be long until a whole new group of patients will climb into a minibus with the destination Hospital Diospi Suyana.