Why is building engineer Udo Klemenz so overjoyed?


The reason: new plans and new ideas

Yesterday lunchtime: Udo hears about potential new projects at Diospi Suyana.  For such a passionate building engineer that news counts to the best he can receive!  But now to the weekly update.

Dear Diospi Friends, our progress this week was limited.  After working on Monday two bank holidays stopped us in our tracks and now the weekend is just around the corner.  But nevertheless every day we make some (small) progress.

In the first stage of construction the first door frames are in place.  In the second stage of construction we are still working on the finery inside.  We have started to strip the formwork of the roof of the external stairwell.  The site facilities (site foreman’s office, tool shed, cement storage…), which were constructed in front of the Residencia, have been deconstructed.  The subcontractor has started the welding work in order to lay the groundwork for the erecting of the emergency bridge.

Since the roof has been completed we have had dry and warm summer weather and no more rain: no comment!!!

With best regards, Udo.

The first door frame has been welded.
Grounding for the cement trappings.
Stripping the formwork of the roof of the external stairwell.
The material for the door frames and the emergency bridge.
Work has begun on the emergency bridge.
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