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Unlimited work permit for Dr Ursula Buck

An extremely important success for the Hospital Diospi Suyana

It is wonderful when medics are prepared to spend several years of the careers working at a missionary hospital, on a voluntary basis and being financially supported not by the hospital management, but by a private circle of friends.  But in order to be able to do their work two permits are crucial: a work permit and a residence permit.

Almost exactly ten years ago – in February 2011 – our ophthalmologist Dr Ursula Buck set foot on Peruvian soil.  Her “Carnet Extranjería”, a small ID-card for non-nationals, was extended regularly.  But five months ago due bureaucratic scrambles suddenly her expulsion from the country was on the cards.  Nerve-wracking days followed as her case was passed from one office to the next.

But now our ophthalmologist hailing from Augsburg can spend the rest of her life in Curahuasi and be a blessing to our patients through her work.  Dr Buck had every right to ask for prayer for her difficult legal situation.  At Diospi Suyana we firmly reckon with God’s unlimited possibilities.  He can say “yes” even when all officials of the world say “no”.


Excerpt of the official letter of the Peruvian Registration Authority.  The most important word in the whole document is “Indefinido” (unlimited).

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