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The blood of guinea pigs did not help her

But orthopaedic technician Daniel Müller did

Four legs seen on the hospital’s grounds.  Daniel Müller wearing blue jeans and his patient Nataly wearing striped clothes.  No one knows what is behind the right trouser leg of the young lady.

December 2018.  The diagnosis was like a death sentence: bone cancer in the right knee.  It dawns on the sixteen year old that her life could be over soon.  Her mother desperately tries to help and slaughters several guinea pigs and makes her daughter drink their blood.  But the pain and the tumour remain unchanged.

Change of scene:  Nataly’s right leg is amputated above the knee in Lima.  Following the operation the teenager undergoes chemotherapy.  The young lady is alive, but without her right leg.

In August 2019 the solution to her problem appears 930km away from Lima.  In Diospi Suyana’s orthopaedic workshop Daniel Müller made a prosthesis for the healed patient.  Now Nataly can lead her life independently in the coastal city of Tacna.  She earns her living by working in the town hall.

Recently she came back to the hospital and requested that some changes be made to her prosthesis.  Daniel obliged immediately.  We cordially congratulate to this successful treatment.

Daniel Müller examines the thigh stump.
Taking the first steps with the new prosthesis

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