Udo Klemenz writes his very last construction report for Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana would not be imaginable without his cooperation

On August 3, 2005, Udo and Barbara Klemenz traveled to Peru with the John family. It wasn’t about a study trip for three weeks, but a commitment for years. The civil engineer from Niederbiel has spent more than ten years of his life working in Curahuasi. He directed the construction of the mission hospital and the dental and eye clinic. This was followed by the construction of a house for the Diospi Suyana children’s clubs. The next major project he shouldered was the Diospi Suyana School. In 2017, he added another floor to the hospital and led the construction of an orthopedic center. Three expansions followed in 2018, namely to the media center, the operating theater wing and an additional building for the school.

When there was a need in March 2023, he spontaneously traveled to Peru for ten weeks to advance the sanitation work for the youth festival. On Monday, he will travel back to Germany. When the Klemenzs began making mission history in the mountains of Peru in 2005, the civil engineer was 63 years old. Now in his 80s, he is still active for the good cause. It is not by chance that in all books on Diospi Suyana the use of the Klemenz is described chapter by chapter.

Udo and Barbara Klemenz in Curahuasi in 2005. In front of these two we pull our helmets and hats.

Everything began with a prayer in the morning in the kitchen of the Klemenz: “God will be ready to do your will. However, please tell us what it is!” Five minutes later, an unknown doctor called from Wiesbaden. Diospi Suyana thanks Udo and Barbara from the bottom of its heart. They are role models at their best for all of us.

(Caption above. On December 10, 2005, Udo Klemenz placed the very first stone ever placed at Diospi Suyana).






The last of over 500 reports written by Udo Klemenz

Weekly report 01.06.2023 – Dear Diospi Suyana friends, with my last construction report today, I would like to say goodbye to all readers and staff from Curahuasi. Once again, it has been a great pleasure to help out with Diospi Suyana here on site in a time of need.
The tiling and painting of the toilet building at campsite 1 will take a few more weeks, but there is no particular rush.
The construction of the warehouse has also progressed well this week and all construction-related work has been completed. The building is currently being plastered on the inside. The loading ramp with stairs is in progress. Unfortunately, the backfilling of the working areas is very strenuous and is done by hand or wheelbarrow in a zigzag course up the slope. The roof, the two windows and the entrance door are in progress with subcontractors and will be
mounted in due course.
One last time love from Curahuasi! Udo
The tiler grouts the wall tiles.
The temporary access hatch into the cistern is secured with a railing during the tiling work.
The concrete for the finishing beam is raised in buckets.
The ring beam is reinforced at the front.
Door and window lintels are integrated into the ring beam.
The interior plastering is progressing.
The backfill material is first transported uphill and then to the right along the quarry stone wall to the installation site.
The backfill of the working spaces is slurried in.
Work is in progress on the loading ramp with stairway.
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