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Please no black and white

Colour is trumps

Rain and mud in front of the hut, grey skies and gloomy prospects and not much income from agriculture and stock breeding.  And not to forget the impact of Corona.  The children cannot go to school for face-to-face teaching, but have to stay at home.  No running water and no sewage system.  Crockery and clothes are washed in a tub.  The house has neither insulation nor a heating, hence it is rather chilly at night.

A certain tristesse cannot be overlooked.

But suddenly same colour comes into play.  Red-green is not to everyone’s taste (at least in Europe) but the dabs of colour bring an amazing contrast to the surrounding grey.  Suddenly the mood brightens up.  It is as though optimism has flown through the window, like some fresh life-energy driving away the monotony.  Finally it gets more colourful.

Colour is a gift from heaven.

I recall a long conversation I had with a Jewish professor in Johannesburg in which he commented: “Beauty is a clear proof that God exists!” / KDJ

(Susi Rottler with her avid eye took the above photo.  The house stands on the outskirts of Curahuasi.)