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New life – nothing is more uplifting than a birth

A beautiful little girl sees the light of the world

The 3,300g have it in them.  As the close-up picture shows the sweet baby already has a finger up its nose.  Births that happen in times of crisis remind us of the cycle of life.  As in the previous year many older people will die of the Corona-virus in 2021, but our sweet little gorgeous brings us joy and hope.  Sarai is the first earthling that was born by caesarean section at the Hospital Diospi Suyana this year.  We convey our warmest congratulations.

In his Address to the Nation the Peruvian President conveyed the sad news that all intensive care beds of the 8-million-capital Lima are full.  And the Health Minister officially announced the arrival of the second wave in Peru.  No one knows when the vaccine will arrive in Peru.  Today the two-millionth person worldwide died from Corona.  We hope that the vaccination campaigns will be a success.

Gynaecologist Dra Katja (left), mother and daughter, midwife Jitssa and Dr Thomas Tielmann

Gynäkologin Dra. Katia (li), Mutter und Tochter, Hebamme Jitssa und Dr. Thomas Tielmann