A Cub scout camp in the Andes


Simon Ewald reports

On Friday 24th March the second trek of Diospi Suyana’s cub scouts started.  The first task of the “Exploradores” was to reach the campsite near the mountain village of Puca Puca before nightfall.  23 highly motivated trace seekers from school years 4-9 found the best way to the mountain ridge, which led through fields and small forests.  Up there on a lofty height they set up camp.  The pupils built their tents, made a fireplace and built a luxury hole-in-the-ground-toilet made from eucalyptus wood.  Then they could prove their skill at knot techniques.

A rustic supper was followed by a theatre performance before the good-night Bible study was held.  While brushing their teeth several grammes of marshmallows were discovered!

The scouts had to be up at the crack of dawn.  Saturday’s highlight was a well-thought through field game: sticks served as weapons for the battle of the Incas against the Spanish.  Late that afternoon the tired warriors headed back along an unknown route to Curahuasi.

All the cub scouts were really enthusiastic and asked for when the next weekend was planned.  Even though it had rained heavily the last few weeks our Exploradores remained relatively dry.

Diospi Suyana’s cub scouts learnt a lot: finding their way in unknown terrain, the art of tying a strong knot, first aid in an emergency situation, astronomy and social behaviour in a group.

But the weekend’s real focus was the question: “How do I find my way through life and am I prepared to follow Jesus Christ?” who says of himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one come to the Father but through me!” (John 14,6)

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