Diospi Suyana’s second aerial tower is a reality…

…after months of preparation

The difficult journeys to Andahuaylas during which we tried extremely hard to get the approval from Poltocsa’s village council have almost been forgotten.  Since yesterday Diospi Suyana’s aerial tower stands proudly on the Lasimarca Mountain just outside the city of Andahuaylas.  The Australian Chris Welch (centre of the photo) was seriously impressed by how quickly it was erected.  Doris Manco, head of our media centre, could also hardly believe her eyes and Dr John could not stop taking photos.

Juan Talaverano (on the right) and his workers worked quickly and thoroughly so that the foundations were laid in no time.  Within ten days he could start working on Diospi Suyana’s third aerial tower in the Province Chincheros.  The metal construction was made by the company ICEFE in Lima.

A few minutes after the above photo had been taken a German, a Peruvian and an Australian gave thanks to God in their respective mother tongues.

The tower is 36m high.
Two technicians add the final touches.
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