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Never again in this exactly this composition around one table

Long-standing companions enjoy an evening together

Photos exist of which one looks at decades later and whispers respectfully: “He and she were also there!” Last Friday a surprise birthday party for Udo Klemenz’ 77th birthday took place at the John’s house.  All participants around the table have contributed in a special way to Diospi Suyana’s history.  They are:

(From left to right) Damaris Haßfeld, director of the nurses, and her husband, Dr Jens Haßfeld, Deputy Head of the missionary hospital.  Both of them have spent the last 12 years working at Diospi Suyana in Peru.  Barbara and Udo Klemenz. By Christmas they will have invested 10 years of their lives in Curahuasi.  Without the experienced building engineer our buildings would not look as beautiful and be as well-built as they are today.  Next to them sits Marion Hofmann who has a tally of four years.  She has worked in the administration and in the employee support teams.  Oebele and Debora de Haan, sitting at the head of the table, have worked in the workshops for six years and plan to head back to Europe next summer.

Sitting far right Jennifer and Matthias Rehder join in the celebrations.  They want to invest three years as teachers at the school.  Head of School Christian Bigalke can already look back on six fulfilling years in Peru.

The lady in pink had issued the invitation and beams into the camera.  Dr Martina John, initiator of Diospi Suyana, has lived in South America for 21 years.  For her Diospi Suyana was a decision with an indefinite duration.  Occupational therapists Susi and Markus Rottler have committed working at Diospi Suyana for one term, i.e. three years.  And last but by no means least: Dr Dorothea and Dr David Brady. After a total of ten years at Diospi Suyana they will leave Peru in summer 2020.

Perhaps the two boys (Josia de Haan and Janne Paul Rehder) sitting at the far end, will look back in 30 years and say: “What an honour to have been part of such an illustrious group.”

All of them met on Friday 18th October 2019.  People like you and me.  People going through life living with God.  People who have become a blessing for thousands of Peruvians in need. /KDJ