One should never despise the little things

Since they can have a great effect

A couple of days ago Dr Ellinor and Frank Stadelmann emptied the beautiful donation jar that had stood in their waiting room.  The pile of coins lying in front of them on a table made up a handsome sum that the two activists transferred to Diospi Suyana’s bank account.  The large sum of money from a doctor’s practice in Neuhausen, Baden Württemberg, shows once again that Walter Enders idea from June 2005 has had far-reaching effects.

Eighty such jars can be found on the counters of doctors’ practices, hairdressing salons and other shops.  The total amount raised this way is growing steadily and should by the end of 2021 cross the €20k-mark. As we all know, every little helps.

Normally one finds information material regarding our mission’s work next to these donation jars.  These visible piggy-banks – often small and inconspicuous – have an enormous public effect.  If you assume that in the past 15 years more than say one thousand people have placed coins or even notes in each of these containers, extrapolated that would equate to a group of donors of roughly 80,000.

A dankeschön to all our friends who conscientiously set up and look after our collection glasses.  Should you be interested in finding out the background to this idea, click on the following link.  You will be amazed. /KDJ

Mason jars for Diospi Suyana, for your baker, butcher, hairdresser…


Einweckglas für Diospi Suyana

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