Marco Acuña and Selene got married

The most unlikely wedding of the year

Whether any Hollywood stars say “I do” for the 4th time in a changing combination hardly concerns us. But we are very interested in the wedding of Marco and Selene. Marco Acuña works at the Hospital Diospi Suyana as a hospital pastor and has been doing so for six years. His beautiful wife Selene cares for many of our patients as a psychologist. Pastor Acuña has a thick book to thank for the fact that this social highlight could take place yesterday.

For years, Marco lived as a drug addict on the streets of Abancay, the capital of Apurimac State. He was constantly looking for thin paper to roll his joints. One day, a book with over 1,000 pages falls into his hands. The leaves are thin and therefore the perfect solution for 1,000 marijuana cigarettes. He rips out the last five pages and rolls five joints. Simply super. Supply is therefore ensured for a long time. As he tears out the sixth page from the back, he starts reading the front. It said, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth!”

Marco has told me his life story many times. “I sat in the meadows outside the city for weeks. This book spoke to me and totally changed my life!” To make a long story short. The Bible freed him from drug addiction. He then studied Protestant theology and is permanently employed with us as a hospital chaplain.

During the ceremony, Dr. Martina John also took the floor. She said, “I would like to greet sincerely from my husband. He’s giving a lot of talks about Diospi Suyana in southern Brazil right now, and of course he’s telling the story of Marco Acuña!” And the missionary doctor was absolutely right. Parallel to the wedding in Curahuasi, Peru, Dr. Klaus John told an open-minded audience in Blumenau about Diospi Suyana and the ex-drug addict Marco. With them was Mário Hildebrandt, the mayor of Blumenau. The modern metropolis of about 400,000 inhabitants is located in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. – There is a power that can break the cruel bonds of drugs – the power of God. For myself, there is no more beautiful experience than that of God acting in a real and often supernatural way. /KDJ (legend picture above: on the right is the pastor couple Landeras).

The Mayor of Blumenau Mário Hildebrandt (blue shirt) and his wife also came to yesterday’s lecture. On the left is the couple Luis and Eliane Valderrama.
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