The good news from Brazil penetrates the walls of a rehabilitation center

There is a hope

Applause erupts in the hall. Some 60 inmates at the Blue Cross (Cruz Azul) in the southern Brazilian city of Blumenau have just heard that the man on the cross has left his grave three days later. The missionary doctor from Peru now asks what a hospital in Peru actually has to do with the listeners on the chairs in front of him. The ex-drug addicts and dry alcoholics are concentrated and prick up their ears. The guest from the Andes gives the answer himself. “If God has responded to our prayers, He can do the same for you. None of us need despair!” A few minutes later, friendly hugs follow. And while the German-Peruvian shakes many hands, he hears one word again and again: Obrigado (thank you).

The presentation about Diospi Suyana has just ended.
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