One could, one should, one must

Ilse und Peter Schütze – the activists of the month

For years the sign has been standing on the Panamericana on which “Hospital Diospi Suyana – a missionary hospital, which passes on the love of Jesus Christ” is written.

Unfortunately the ravages of time gnaw at everything that is not destined for eternity.  Rain, hail and of course intense exposure to sunlight had left their marks on the sign.  Many who passed by thought: “One could, one should, one must – restore this metal sign.”  But no one felt called to do it.  As the English saying goes: “There was a job to be done and anybody could have done it, but nobody did it, because everybody thought that somebody would do it!”

A couple of days ago Ilse and Peter Schütze heard the call.  The GP and the school janitor had their work cut out for quite a while.  Rust was removed and a new undercoat was applied.  The paintbrush came and, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, created a new work of art.

Now both sides of the sign have been restored to their former glory.  If on 31st August the visitors heading to the hospital pass the sign none of them will think “one could, one should, one must”, since Ilse and Peter thought ahead and were proactive.

Ilse and Peter Schütze working by the nightly shine of a lamp.
The sign looks again as though it were new.
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