Loading Not One But Two Containers

Up until 11 o’clock on Friday we thought we would send one container. By 11:45 we knew we needed two containers to fit all the donations.

An impressive amount of donations from all over Germany made it necessary to double our capacity on short notice. The container content is worth about $140,000 and will help to solve an array of problems.

1. With this second big donation of paint by the Relius company we will be able to almost completely paint the hospitals exterior and interior.

2. Ascobloc donated eight kitchen aggregates so the kitchen is functional.

3. We will be able to create beautiful color glass church windows with the donations by Schott and Derix as well as Jansen & Buscher.

4. High-quality office furniture will equip the hospital administration.

5. Yesterday, the Sub company sent 190 brand-new garbage cans so we can keep the hospital clean.

6. The Heine company donated brand-new blood pressure meters, Stethoscopes and Otoscopes for ear exams.

7. Video cameras and other electronic equipment by Deister Electronics will improve the hospital security tremendously.

8. Two new servers and many accessories are the basis for the hospital network.

9. Seven respirators from the German cities of Dresden and Freiburg will be used in the ORs and the intensive care unit.

10. 100 chairs donated by Stoss Medica or humedica will help to furnish the hospital.

11. New shelving units worth 10,000 Euros, also donated by Stoss Medica, will help keep the OR organized.

12. New lamps and a machine form the Martin company will also help in the ORs.

Eight hard-working helpers carried, pushed and lifted the precious goods into the first container. At 10pm, work had to stop since it was getting to dark. Today, we will continue the work bright and early. And on Monday, we will start loading the second container.

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