Dreaming Of The Future

One day, we will fill the terraces of the outdoor theater with 4000 young people. When the electric guitar plays and the drum solo starts, everybody will be moved. Then, we will show a film on the 40 square meter screen. The next day, there will be a theater performance.

We could rent some adjoining fields and portable toilets can be put up quickly. We would invite everybody, the young and the old, Protestants and Catholics, celebrating God’s love in front of a backdrop of snow-covered mountain ranges.

On July 30, 2006, a pastor said the following during an Open-air concert here:

This outdoor theater in which we are sitting today and the hospital to our right are proof of what God can do when people trust in him!

On August 31, we will inaugurate the hospital at this same spot. Kids’ dreams becoming a reality. Do you have dreams?

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