Like a bullet to the head

A welder lies on the operating table

The golden craft holds many dangers. Sr. Huaman* had to feel this firsthand. The welder was working on a piece of metal in his workshop. Absolute routine. He picked up the hammer to refine his project on the anvil. A powerful blow to the steel. At the same moment, he felt a sharp pain on the left side of his head. A small fragment had penetrated his forehead through the air like a bullet.

When the patient presented to the hospital, he was even able to prove with a magnet that there had to be a foreign metal body deep in the soft tissues. A clear case for our traumatologist. With a lot of experience and patience, Dr. Fritz Meiswinkel managed to remove the strange projectile. (*name changed)

The magnet pulls the foreign body up under the scalp.
The patient on the operating table. Traumatologist Dr. Fritz Meiswinkel at work.
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