The power package for inpatients

There is nothing better

Have you ever been an inpatient in the hospital over Christmas? Not a nice experience. Blood, sweat and tears. Fear, dependence and uncertainty. What gives a person inner strength in such a situation? Maybe a bar of chocolate or a movie? Some may dream of good times in the past while in a hospital bed.

A team of 8 staff members gave our patients the perfect mix to get well yesterday morning: Songs, prayers and Bible passages! The caravan moved from room to room and gave powerful encouragement to the sick. In one fell swoop, the atmosphere on the station received a mood booster that was out of this world.

The words from the Book of Books have been tried and tested a million times over as a source of encouragement. Anyone who doesn’t believe it should take a look in times of crisis. The 150 Psalms from the Old Testament alone are unsurpassable as consolation. There is a phenomenon in the Bible that no other reading has. Suddenly, a verse leaps from the page straight into the heart of the reader or listener. The reason is simple: God uses the classic of world literature to enter into conversation with us. /KDJ

The small choir sings for Dr. Martina John, who sits in front of the music stand wearing a white mask. She was on night duty at the hospital on Christmas Eve.
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