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Radio Diospi Suyana

It may have been a long time ago, but it was not really that long ago

Anna Maike and Lukas Schüler‘s special connection with Diospi Suyana

They had sent an email confirming that they were coming and a couple of days ago we sat together in my office.  Nearly 11 years ago Anna Maike, a young girl at the time, attended a presentation about Diospi Suyana in Laubach in which I told the small circle of interested persons about the missionary hospital in Peru.  Young Anna was deeply touched: “That evening is the main reason that I am now a qualified nurse,” she remembers.

For a couple of months now Lukas has been working for a Christian-humanitarian project in Ecuador.  Anna gives the reason for her flying visit to Curahuasi:  “I desperately wanted to visit my brother and I thought that as the Hospital Diospi Suyana ‘is just round the corner’ (a mere 2,500km) I would stop by!”

“Anna, would you be interested in working for us?” I ask the young lady born in Hesse. “Gladly,” she answers and laughs. /KDJ