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Radio Diospi Suyana

A new start for five members of staff…

… and the patients welcome them with a hearty applause

It is a custom at Diospi Suyana to welcome new voluntary members of staff at the end of a morning service.  Yesterday was the most recent repetition of this tradition.  Apart from the Peruvian Dr Herrera the ladies had to spend some time working hard at the language school.  This week their official duties at the hospital commence.  Dr Martina John wished her “new” colleagues God’s blessing for their time at Curahuasi.  The missionaries are not paid by the Hospital Diospi Suyana, but are supported financially by a circle of friends.

(From left to right) Dr  Martina John; doctor Dr Lincy Herrera; physiotherapist Paola Busch, Membercare-representative Marion Hofmann, management specialist Jenny Frank and MRTA Melanie Friesen.

The sun shines in through the stained-glass windows during the service.
Good music at the start of the morning service.