Inspecting three aerial towers

Lots to do on the mountain tops

From Monday, 22nd June, lunchtime to Wednesday, 24th June, evening our service team checked up on three of Diospi Suyana’s radio towers.  Oebele de Haan, Cristóval Pancorbo and Doris Manco completed the protection of our Casabamba location by adding an electric fence.  The next day they cleared weeds and shrubs from the transmitting station in Andahuaylas.  On their way home they made a stop above the City of Abancay where our 40m high tower is nearly completed.

Our three friends fulfilled the planned mission, travelling nearly 700km in the process.  Well done you hard-working Three!  We are especially delighted that you arrived safely back in Curahuasi./KDJ

Testing the electronic system on Casabamba’s transmitting station.
Lots of sweat was shed while cleaning up the installations in Andahuaylas.
Our radio tower in Abancay. How many people can one recognise on the photo?



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