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Breaking news – Buchen’s mobile nursing service donates 60,000 protective masks

100 boxes with brand new and licensed products

It is another of the countless inexplicable episodes that life writes, but God plans.  It was a rainy day back in Summer 2019.  Dr Benjamin Zeier had to look after his children and which better place to go than to a children’s playground.  Mazlum Oktay, head of the mobile nursing service “Hand in Hand”, and his children happened to be there also and within a short while the two dads got talking.

In January 2020 the urologist and his family moved to Peru, but stay in contact with their friends back in Germany.  The result was that an official press appointment took place yesterday in Buchen, Baden-Württemberg.  Olaf Böttger, Diospi Suyana e.V.’s chairman conveyed our organisation’s thanks, Alois Gerig, Member of the Bundestag also enjoyed the event as did a representative of the Rhein-Neckar-Newspaper.

Mazlum Oktay donated 100 boxes containing top-quality facial masks to the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  The value of this donation in kind is a six-digit sum.  On 10th July our next container will start its journey.  The Diospi-Suyana-Community is overjoyed at this amazing support which is worth its weight in gold in Corona times.

What is the lesson from this story: playgrounds are important and when fathers go there with their children one must be prepared that anything can happen.

Alois Gerig, Member of the Bundestag, stands far left wearing a light-blue shirt.  He is chairman of the Committee of Food and Agriculture.  In the rear at the table stands Mazlum Oktay, the noble benefactor.  He is the head of the mobile nursing service “Hand in Hand”.
100 boxes in the back of the lorry.