Frontal attack of a cow

Severe head injury

It happened without any warning. Srta. Vilma C. was walking her dog when she suddenly encountered a herd of cows. Some small calves were also among them. Perhaps the dog made a mother animal nervous, in any case, the cow rammed the woman with full force and plunged a horn into her right upper limb. Then the beast pressed its powerful head against the victim’s forehead for the second time. The force caused the right ethmoidal cells to break instantly.

After driving for hours through the mountains, the patient arrived at Hospital Diospi Suyana three days ago. After surgery by ophthalmologist Dr. Ursula Buck, she is now receiving pain medication and antibiotics. We hope that the swelling around the eye will soon subside and the normal mobility of the eyeball will be restored.

A CT scan of the head. To the left of the viewer is the patient’s right side. The red arrow shows the depressed ethmoidal cells. They are part of the paranasal sinuses.

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